When planning any trip you’ll think about communication in a country speaking an other language. Having one of those Travel Translation Apps will help you communicate, get directions, ask for something even if the you’re asking someone that doesn’t speak English (your language).

We’ll show the Top 3 Travel Translation Apps need on every traveler’s phone, you can download all of them when planning you’re trip. Try every single one to choose the best based on your language.

Travel Translation Apps you need on your phone when planning your trips.

Here are some of the translation apps you should get when planning your trips:

Travel Translation Apps for iPhone

1. iTranslate Voice 3

It is a professional translation app that uses voice to voice translation technology. You’ll just need to type or say the word and it will say it in any language from the list.

Unfortunately this app is available only on iOS system, none on the versions is available for Android for now.

2. Microsoft Translator

With Microsoft translator you have the option to take a picture of the word to get the meaning in English, it also have the possibility to work with smart watches for both iOS and Android.

Also a free tool works on Browsers, Android and iOS. Mostly used by travelers with   Windows Phones. Microsoft Translator’s support only 54 language for the moment.

The best thing about Microsoft Translator is the real-time speech translation, and 44 languages works on the offline mode (you need to download Offline Dictionnaires)

Microsoft Translator Features:

  • Text: Typing texts on your phone and getting translations.
  • Speech: Use the microphone to translate what you say in real-time.
  • Photo: Taking picture with texts and translate instantly.
  • Conversation Mode: (best feature) The app can translate a speech between two peoples speaking in real-time.
  • Offline Mode: You can use all of those features without using internet connection.

3. Google Translate

The most easy one is Google Translator everyone know it, everyone know how to use it. Just type the word or say it  to get a live translation in English. It’s a free translation tool works on Browsers, Tablets, Android and iOS.

Google Translate’s over 100 language, but not every language have al the features (voice, pronunciation…) check your language support on all Apps before taking your trip. Also Google have the option to Translate Real-Time Video.

Keep in mind that you can use Google Translator in “offline mode” You’ll we need to download the app and download the Offline Dictionary for both languages you’ll be using. For exemple if you’re planning a trip to Russia, you should download the Russian and English dictionary.

Google Translate Features:

  • Type: Typing texts on your phone and getting translations.
  • Write: Scribbling words and phrases on the screen.
  • Talk: Use the microphone to translate what you say in real-time.
  • Snap: Taking picture with texts and translate instantly.
  • Offline Mode: You can use all of those features without using internet connection.

Which Travel Translation Apps I use personally?

We didn’t share this article in order to promote any of those products, we use all of them depending of the visited country, for exemple when travelling to Arabic countries, we’ll be using Google Translator. When heading East to Asia we prefer Microsoft Translator.

For people speaking multiple languages (latin and others) you can try yourself and choose the best App for the target language. It depends also on your phone version and system.

Anyway, don’t forget to learn some words before visiting any country, we already made an article about Russian Words needed when travelling to Russia, we’ll be making other articles about Arabic, French and Chinese. If you have any requests or need to ask questions please visit the Contact page.



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