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Lombok Island

Lombok Island A Soulful Getaway for the Wanderer in You

Racking your brains for the getaway your weary soul needs? Look no further! Lombok is nestled between the ever so popular Bali...
Airline Secrets You Should Know

9 Airline Secrets You Should Know About

Are Airline Secrets a myth? every day thousands of planes carrying millions of people travel all over the world delivering you and...
Must-Know Travel First Aid Guide

7 Must-Know Tips | Travel First Aid Guide

We pack, but we forget. Yes, you may have that elegant and complete first aid kit for your next journey, but when...

7 Things to do in Santorini on Budget

What to see and do in Santorini, below are the top 7 must-sees to visit in Santorini and enjoy a stay all...

Top 10 Destinations when Traveling Alone for the First Time

Traveling alone or solo travel is a form of tourism that offers many interesting experiences and the freedom to explore a new...
The Ultimate Guide to Visit Russia World Cup 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Visit Russia World Cup 2018

The biggest sport event in the world is here, the World Cup 2018 took place this year in Russia. If you're a soccer/football fan...

Mos Espa a Star Wars Set in Tunisia

As a Star Wars fan, there is a destination you must visit, it's Mos Espa. The site is called Shatt Al Gharsah, in the...
Who is the hotel guest of 2020 infographic

Who is the Hotel Guests of 2020? [Infographic]

Over the past ten years, technological advancements completely revolutionize the hospitality industry. As the end of the decade comes closer, now is a good time...
Travel Credit Card Fund Travel Fun

Travel Credit Card to Fund all the Travel Fun

So you’ve decided on a destination, now it’s time to consider how much your adventure is going to cost you and where you’ll find...
Hotel Alternatives and Unusual Places to stay

8 Hotel Alternatives and Unusual Places to stay

Hotel alternatives are a great option for both budget travelers and those looking for adventure and some excitement while exploring the world.