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It can be hard to know where to start when planning your dream trip. How to start? what do you need? Travel planning can seem like a daunting subject with so much information available and, the longer you go away, the more things you seem to have to think about.

Travel Girl Travel Destinations for HER
If you are a Travel Girl and you like to take a trip alone or go on girls trip, but you still wonder what's the best travel destination for women travelling alone? So these are the best female friendly places in the world. First of all you can try something new, a concept that became a reality. Some unusual...
Backpacking Checklist Top Travel Essentials
It's always a panic when preparing your luggage, especially if you're Backpacking. It always starts with questions like "Which backpack to choose?" "What to take for this trip", and it ends with the famous phrase "I hope I didn't forget anything". So here's a checklist for for everything you'll need in your travel backpack. 1 - The clothes (Backpacking Version) Pants, t-shirts, sweaters and vests,...
Find a travel destination for your next vacation
You need to set up a travel plan for the summer and you wonder how to choose your travel destination? Of course the possibilities are unlimited, in order to choose you will brainstorm one more time. Here are some parameters to take in consideration not to lose too much in your calculations: Pick the travel destination YOU want: Obviously you should...
Factors to consider for hotel reservation
A hotel reservation is not the only accommodation solution when you travel. There are many alternatives especially if you are looking for cheap accommodation, stay & travel transport can really cost you a lot, just enough to know alternatives such as youth hostels and other plans that we will specify below: The youth hostels: Everyone is welcome in a hostel, yes...
car rentals in a trip
If you are looking to get around on your travels use public transport, otherwise try car rentals, here are some tips to avoid getting lost on the road. Rental in the city center instead of the airport: Wait until you arrive to take the car to avoid unnecessary parking fees. Check Hotel Policy for Car Rentals: Some hotels do not include parking fees....
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